Welcome to Advanced Ossicular Technologies

We are a development stage company focused on the design, manufacture, and clinical implementation of passive ossicular prostheses.

There are many creative physicians who have great ideas on a regular basis but no good way to securely share and develop these ideas. As an otolaryngologist and an inventor, I realized early on that bringing a new idea to fruition is very difficult and help in this area is hard to find.

Accordingly, Advanced Ossicular Technologies was founded to develop medical devices in the context of a collaborative intellectual clearinghouse whereby otolaryngologists can gather to securely propose, discuss, and refine new designs for medical devices, and obtain legal and financial support as needed to bring promising concepts to market.

My vision is to harness the intellectual power of physicians everywhere so that inventive creativity can be encouraged, facilitated, and rewarded.

Every ear surgeon has a passion for helping the hearing impaired, and for many it is primarily this objective which sustains his or her desire to practice medicine. Many surgeons have established foundations to further this objective.

As a reflection of our corporate philosophy, Advanced Ossicular Technologies will contribute a minimum of 10% of gross product revenues to nonprofit foundations dedicated to the treatment of hearing loss, as designated by our Board of Directors.

We are actively seeking venture capital to finance the maturation of our devices including patent prosecution, fabrication, and funding of clinical trials.